TRACE™ 1300 Gas Chromatograph.

Reduce costs while maximizing productivity. Designed from the ground up for a new level of usability, the budget-friendly Thermo Scientific™ TRACE™ 1300 Gas Chromatograph gives you the ability to switch instant-connect injectors and detectors in minutes without tools for unprecedented flexibility. Its simplified user interface requires few keystrokes to accomplish tasks, yet maintains full programmability. With its ability to boost productivity, accelerate response times, and lower total cost of ownership, this compact GC system is a smart investment for any lab. 

Elemental Analyzer Thermo FLASH 2000 CHNS/O.

Decades of experience combined with our constant innovation in developing organic elemental analyzers (OEAs) contributed to the design of the Thermo Scientific™ FLASH 2000 CHNS/O Analyzers. This system delivers the ultimate in simplicity, precision, and cost effectiveness for any laboratory requiring the quantification of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, sulfur, and oxygen.

Providing a reliable, high-speed, accurate 24/7 analytical solution to a range of industries, this series of flexible, configurable analyzers uses a globally recognized technique endorsed by official organizations worldwide. 

Elemental Analyzer Thermo Flash 4000.

Thermo FLASH 4000 analyzer for determination of nitrogen / protein in the flour.

Analyzer FLASH 4000 N / Protein, which uses the method of dynamic flash (Dumas method), provides automated analysis of total nitrogen with the minimum efforts and in accordance with the highest standards of modern laboratory precision, long-term stability and performance.

Microchromatograph C2V-200.

Microchromatograph C2V-200 is designed for fast and accurate analysis of the composition of gases in laboratory or industrial environments. The device is built on an integrated technology, which in combination with capillary columns of small diameter provides maximum performance at a lower cost. Microchromatograph  C2V-200 is easy to operate, not picky about the services and features low gas consumption. Easily replaceable interchangeable columnar cartridges with integrated heating zones provide the flexibility of device configuration.

Fast, Reliable and Simple. And Cost Efficient! The Thermo Scientific™ C2V-200 micro GC is built for fast reliable gas analysis, in the lab or on-line. Integrated micro chip technology combined with narrow bore capillary GC columns result in a higher performance for lower costs. The C2V-200 micro GC is designed for ease of use, reduced maintenance, and low gas consumption. The exchangeable column cartridges, with integrated heating zones, can be easily installed for a variety of applications.

Analysis in Seconds The integrated micro chip injector ensures a precise narrow injection bandwidth, while the fast column temperature programming gives an extra dimension in method optimization. Together this enables fast and highly repeatable analysis results in seconds. Column Temperature Programming With a speed of 240 °C /minute, the micro GC columns can be temperature-programmed up to four temperature segments. This unique capability enables faster solutions.

Flexible Configuration The C2V-200 micro GC channels are independently operating micro GC’s, which can be assembled as one integrated instrument with common sample and carrier path. Alternatively, they can be deployed as individual stand-alone instruments. No up front investment is required to upgrade your C2V-200 micro GC with an additional GC channel at a later time.

Immediate Start-Up and Easy Control The C2V-200 micro GC is delivered with dedicated instrument control and data-handling software to run on a PC. This brings you up to speed the moment you unpack the C2V-200. For process solutions, an optional NeSSI (SP76-1.0) compatible adaptor plate enables the integration on this flexible sampling system.

Thermo TS 3000 analyzer.

The TS 3000 trace level Total Sulfur Analyzer from Thermo Fisher Scientific is designed to offer versatile, reliable and repeatable results at ultra-low levels in liquid, solid and gas samples.

Advantages The Thermo Scientific TS 3000 can be used for the determination of total sulfur in motor fuels and a wide range of light and heavy hydrocarbons. The TS 3000 is matrix independent and complies with ASTM D5453, D6667 and D7183 methodology. A multitude of advantages into this versatile and reliable instrument including:

       Ultra-low detection limit, performance down to low ppb.

       High productivity.

       Low cost per analysis.

       High stability, sensitivity and reliability.

       Complies with ASTM, IP, UOP and ISO methodology.

       Optional simultaneous Sulfur and Nitrogen measurement.

       Controlled, highly efficient combustion.

       Field upgradeable Total Chlorine capability.

Sample Introduction For automatic sample introduction of liquid, solid and gas samples, the Total Sulfur Analyzer can be connected to:

  Liquids auto sampler for fully automated introduction of light hydrocarbon samples.

       Solids auto sampler for the automatic introduction of solids and highly viscous liquid samples into the TS 3000.

       Gas module for fast and easy introduction of gas and LPG samples into the TS 3000.