Дилатометрия (ДИЛ)

For high-precision measurements of changes in the dimensions of solids, liquids, pastes and powders with a programmed temperature change with a slight load on the sample, the dilatometry method (DIL) is the best choice..

DIL 402 Expedis Select Supreme

The dilatometer DIL 402 Expedis Select and Supreme offer state-of-the-art dilatometer technology and are designed for a wide range of sophisticated applications. All instruments of the DIL Expedis series feature the revolutionary NanoEye measuring cell; a new dimension in measuring range and accuracy.

It is the first horizontal dilatometer series on the market which allows for force modulation and, by this means, bridges the gap between dilatometry and thermomechanical analysis (TMA) under oscillatory load.

These two versions are specially designed for both research & development and sophisticated industrial applications: The comprehensive, fully-equipped Supreme model and the upgradable Select type.

Технические  характеристики

  • Heating Rates:                             0.001 ... 100 K/min
  • Sample Holder Systems             Single and Dual/Differential System
  • Measuring System                      NanoEye
  • Temperature Accuracy              1 K
  • Temperature Precision              0,1 K
  • Repeatability of m. CTE             10 -8 1/K
  • Measuring Range                        ± 10000 mkm ... ± 25000 mkm
  • Resolution                                    0,1 nm ... 1 nm
                                                           (over the entire measuring range)
  • Gas Control:                                 1-way, optional 3-way switch and MFC
                                                           (Mass Flow Controller) 

High Temperature Version

Broadest Application Range

Two graphite furnaces with end temperatures of 2400°C and 2800°C provide the appropriate configuration for measuring the thermal expansion of metals, alloys, ceramics and composites in applications such as aerospace, power generation, the oil and gas industry or demanding research.


However, via an adapter, each of these graphite furnaces can be replaced with a standard furnace such as SiC, SiO2, Cu or steel. The opposite is also feasible: A DIL 402 Expedis Supreme HT measuring part with a standard furnace can be subsequently retrofitted with a high-temperature furnace.



Refined Safety System

An elaborate safety system monitors the cooling water and purge gas flow throughout the measurement.


Variable Gas Atmosphere Is Key

In the DIL 402 Expedis Supreme HT instrument, the sample chamber and furnace chamber are always separated by means of a protective tube (glassy carbon or alumina). This allows for the use of a different atmosphere around the sample than around the heating elements.In combination with an alumina protective tube (maximum furnace temperature: 1680°C), even an air atmosphere can be applied to the sample.


The optional AutoVac system for evacuating and refilling the sample chamber along with integrated purging of the pyrometer window effectively supports the direct switch between oxidizing and inert conditions.


Pyrometer for Detection of the Highest Temperatures

Since W-Rh thermocouples can react with graphite above 2000°C, the sample temperature of the DIL 402 Expedis Supreme HT is measured optically with a high-performance pyrometer from room temperature onward.