Thermal Сonductivity

GHP 456 Titan®

Key Technical Data

  •  Temperature range
    -160 to 250°C (low temperature version, liquid nitrogen required)
    -160 to 600°C (high temperature version, liquid nitrogen required)
  • Accuracy
    high – typically ± 2%
    (depending on the measuring conditions and the sample properties)
  • Vacuum-tight by design
    (down to 5x10-4 mbar)
  • Thermal Conductivity range
    0.003 to 2 W/(m*K)
  • Sample thickness
    up to 100 mm (typically 10 ... 50 mm)
  • Cooling devices
    Compressed air: 50°C to 300°C
    Liquid nitrogen: -160°C to 250°C
    Chiller: 20°C to 85°C
  • Atmospheres
    inert, oxidizing, or vacuum
  • Plate dimensions
    300 mm (standard versions)
  • Based on e.g.,
    ISO 8302, DIN/EN 12667, DIN/EN 12939, DIN/EN 13163, etc.


  •  Various pump systems (rotary pumps, turbo molecular pumps) are available for the GHP 456 Titan®.The system can be easily extended later on by add the appropriate pump to the connections of the system.
  • Standard materials: Various kinds of certified (NIST, NPL) standard materials (fiber insulations, foam insulations) are available for the system.
  • Cooling of the heat sinks: The heat sinks can be cooled with forced air (for mean sample temperatures above 40°C) with a chiller (for mean sample temperatures above 0°C) or with liquid nitrogen. The liquid nitrogen is supplied from a feeding system via a software controlled supply system.
  • For measurements of powders and flakes special calcium silicate frames are available, fitting exactly to the plate dimensions.