Deminers‘ Tool Set



-Various important tools in a backpack - robust and cost effective.

-Size approx. 80 x 40 x 10 cm

-Weight approx. 5.7 kg

   Prodding Needle FWP1



- Non-magnetic

- Comfortable handling – ergonomic design


- Rugged and durable 





- Stainless Steel Body

- Black Oxide

- All Locking Blades and Tools

- MOLLE Sheath

- Lanyard Ring

- Length: 11.4 cm (closed)



The Super Tool is often referred to as the original workhorse of the Leatherman family. With the new Super Tool 300 EOD LEATHERMAN got those same beefy features and added EOD-specific tools like a military-performance-spec cap crimpers and fuse-wire cutters. Extra strong pliers with cleaning rod/brush attachments have replaceable wire cutters. Comfort-grip handles feature cutouts to make accessing tools with gloves on a cinch. An everyday carry tool, with some not-so-everyday features. The Super Tool 300 EOD is a great way to go easy on your load while beefing up your gear.

Demolition Kit DK2





Austin Powder Pocket Blaster EBM 05. The pocket blaster works with a standard 9 V battery and can initiate up to 30 ignition caps of class I (4 mJ) or 20 caps of class II (16 mJ).

Force Ware Firing Cable 250 m 2 x 0.72 mm² twisted on high quality cable drum with break and connection terminal - cable fulfills UK DEF STAN 61-12 (part 17)

EOD Multitool LEATHERMAN Supertool 300 EOD - the well known superior pocket tool specially designed for EOD Multiwire Tool KNIPEX 97 22 240

Dual Cap Crimper made from special aluminium alloy

Cap Box for 10 caps

Digital Multimeter

Reel insulation tape black 33 m


Hook & Line Kit 2



This sophisticated kit comes with several self-gripping tools for more advanced applications. The suction pads are very helpful when working on plane surfaces like metal or glass (e.g. cars, trucks, doors, windows). Included is a robust  case and two 120 m Kevlar ropes on metal reels.