LLC "SPC Nauchpribor" equips classrooms and science labs turnkey in scientific research institutes and universities in Russia and abroad.

Steps for creating a laboratory.


Step 1. Formulation of the problem.

The formulation of the problem, the requirements for the laboratory and the range of issues that your laboratory  will solve are determined and the initial budget is approved.


Step 2: Lab project.

At this stage, a design-project of the lab is prepared, fitting of equipment and furniture into a specified space of the future laboratory.


Step 3: Determination of the technical requirements for the room.

At this stage the requirements on the electrical network, feeble-current networks and ventilation are determined.


Step 4: Purchase and delivery of equipment and furniture.


Step 5: Our experts make installation and commissioning of the equipment. At the end of the work instruction  is carried out and  initial training on the use of equipment is organized.


Step 6. We provide a guarantee of at least 12 months and conduct informational support to our customers.


Each of the steps is agreed with the customer and, if necessary, changes can be made.