Fundamentals of electrical safety.

The laboratory is outfitted with a set of training equipment for laboratory and practical training for the study of following  topics:

  • Investigation of the influence of factors which determine the conditions of electrical safety.
  • Study of phenomena of current runoff into the ground through a protective grounding conductor.
  • Modeling of protective neutral earthing of electrical equipment.
  • Insulation control in the electrical network with insulated neutral.
  • Earth resistance measurement.
  • Modeling of protective earthing / selfearthing of electrical equipment .
  • The study of the  tripping the mains device.
  • Study of resistance of the human body parts.


  1. Three-phase power supply.
  2. Three-phase transformer.
  3. Mains portion model.
  4. Earth fault model.
  5. Insulation resistance model.
  6. Earth resistance model.
  7. Insulation monitoring device.
  8. Circuit breaker.
  9. Earthing model with a hemispherical electrode.
  10. Earthing model with vertical tubular electrode.
  11. Earthing model with extended tubular electrode on the surface.
  12. Model of protective earthing / selfearthing.
  13.  Model of neutral earthing.
  14. Block of linear chokes.
  15. The device for the investigation of the resistance of the human body.
  16. Multimeters block.
  17. Accessory Set.
  18. Guidelines for the implementation of basic experiments "Fundamentals of Electrical Safety".
  19. Collection of manuals on hardware components kit.