The perfect Team


-EVA4mobile is the new software solution for data acquisition on mobile devices using the Android operating system.

-The new VALLON VFC4 and VFC4plus field computers are optimally matched to EVA4mobile.

-Flexible use of EVA4mobile with a beacon and any mobile device or integration of EVA4mobile into VALLON field computers.

EVA 2000 V2.0 и EVA4ALL

Software for Windows-PC


-EVA4ALL is the successor software to EVA 2000 V2.0 –a proven piece of software that has seen continuous

optimization over the years. It is setting new benchmarks in presentation and data handling for a very wide variety of measured data in combination with geocoded

cartographic material.


-EVA4ALL also features simplified data analysis and advanced project documentation.

-Both solutions make it possible to process land and borehole data from active and passive VALLON detectors.